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Content is anything that adds value to the reader’s life” – Avinash Kaushik

In a hyper-saturated world of communication, it’s key to stand out – and that’s our goal. We view content as your excalibur. At each step of the customer journey, you need to be relevant and provide value – and that’s what we will help you with.

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Trojan Batteries
Industrial - B2B
Establish if there was digital market appetite in three core Trojan African operational countries; South Africa, Nigeria
and Kenya - with a relative 50%, 30%, 20% budgetary split assigned to each
Creative targeting was localised per country (45 campaigns ran on Google alone) that targeted specific demographic profiles based on their interest or affinity for product relevant industries;. Additionally, we developed web-tools to assist with customer conversion.
Market response saw a per contact marketing-qualified lead that was significantly lower than any real-world lead generation activities done before. This also created a footprint of the Trojan brand in the competitive sectors.

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