AI in Correlate: 3 Small Use Cases That Go the Distance For Us

AI everyday” has been in our daily life for just under a year. The most well-known of the artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots are ChatGPT (both 3.5 and 4) and Google Bard have helped many of us scrape together the basic information we need to get on with our dailies. From badly written prompts, sub-standard 5-word commands, (sprinkled with a “please” and “thank you” for good measure) you don’t need a degree in computer science to reap great returns.

Whilst the tip of the tongue in tech might be preaching IQ 132+ prompts, sometimes the simplest of uses goes a long way. Here are a few examples of how we find simple effectiveness with these tools.

Keyword ideation and unearthed avenues: Refinement

Prompt it, and it shall return Pandora’s box of search ideas. It’s great, but we’ve found that providing prior examples or styles of client or competitor related keywords helps guide the AI to produce greater quality, more relevant and highly competitive keywords that we use in a variety of strategic executions; from paid media to content generation.

This process has helped bring more efficiency in our turnaround times for projects and allowed us to find new pockets of creativity, which, in-turn, benefit our clients. 

Localisation, in any territory

We don’t speak every language (shocking, we know), but we do service clients across the globe: Intra-Africa, the EU, Middle East etc. Correlate therefore needs to translate campaigns, messaging, articles and more into different languages. Previously, this could take days, with translators being primed on the back of English use cases, but luckily we can get very close to the mark within a prompt or two. Injecting your marketing from genesis to multiple languages, fit with colloquialisms, style and flair, instantly, is playing in another league. 

Language carries meaning and being able to create near-instant translations can mean the difference between a message that works and one that sounds like a billboard for shoes without soles.

But it’s no silver bullet! You have to work with a representative who is local (or was local) and can speak the language. The value of collaboration ensures that cultural sensitivities are respected and that the message is correctly delivered.

Creativity Flares: Idea Enhancement and Inspiration

Writer’s block is a real thing. It doesn’t matter how many inspirational slogans you can spray on your wall, sometimes you’re just stumped. The creative synapsis have gone on strike – but this is where you can leverage AI. 

Not just a research tool, chatbots provide the ability to think different. No need to click around the internet merry-go-round to find something that sticks, prime your 4.0 friend to help. 

However, FACT CHECK!  It is always important to fact-check the information provided to avoid any misrepresentation or erroneous data! Connect GPT 4.0 to Bing and get your sources labeled.

Before they take over the world and we need to find Neo to save us, the AI chatbots can be very helpful in the simplest ways.

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